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Democrat Congressman Appears with Racists, Says Racist Things

The Nation of Islam's leadership is known for saying racist things, mainly anti-Semitic, decade after decade. Just a couple of months ago, NOI leader Louis Farrakhan said that white people would be "removed from the face of the earth," because God had decided it was necessary, adding that "Allah will fight this war for the sake of his people."

There's a word for that: Genocide.

That context in mind, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) appeared on Nation of Islam radio over the weekend and added racist fuel to the NOI's fire.

“I’ve been in Washington. I saw three presidents now. I never saw George Bush treated like this. I never saw Bill Clinton treated like this with such disrespect,” Thompson said. “That Mitch McConnell would have the audacity to tell the president of the United States — not the chief executive, but the commander-in-chief — that ‘I don’t care what you come up with we’re going to be against it.’ Now if that’s not a racist statement I don’t know what is.”

Thompson adds at 2:40 in the video that the governor of Mississippi was against expanding Medicaid through Obamacare “just because a black man created it.”

At 3:00 into the video, Thompson adds opposition to Obama is “all about race” and “when a black man comes with an idea [for Obamacare] there’s something wrong with it. Again, it’s race creeping into the picture.”

At 4:47 in the video, he says the anti-government attitude has only been around since Obama was president.

“Now all of a sudden, government is the worst thing in the world since a black man became president.”

Thompson also called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom" and said that "he doesn't like black people."

BuzzFeed has video of Thompson's racist remarks.

What BuzzFeed doesn't have, at least not yet, is video of any Democrat stepping forward to condemn Thompson for appearing on the National of Islam's radio program, much less making his series of vile remarks.