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Democrat Activists in the Press Corps Slam NRA During Press Conference (Update: Hot Mic!)

For a week following the tragic massacre in Newtown, CT, many in the mainstream media called on the National Rifle Association to speak up. A week later, the NRA did speak up, and many in the mainstream media took to Twitter to attack what the group was saying.

Some compared NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre's remarks to the long-winded diatribes of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Another simply called it "nuts."

Mother Jones' David Corn slammed LaPierre for taking no questions and called the statement "propaganda," but just today President Obama took no questions after nominating Sen. John Kerry to head the State Department.

As for the sanity of LaPierre's proposition that we place armed security at all schools, 53% of Americans support doing that. That's a larger majority than the one that re-elected Obama to the presidency.

The only statement that these so-called journalists would have accepted from the NRA would have been one that agrees entirely with their emotion-based point of view.

Update: A hot mic caught reporters before the NRA presser slamming the organization and praising Code Pink for trying to disrupt the press conference.