Dem Implosion: Kucinich, Congressional Black Caucus Fight for Committee Slot

At the same time, according to that story, Gosa inadvertently admitted to suggesting falsifying the dates on material submitted to the subcommittee which was to be added to the congressional record:

While making her accusations in the memo, Gosa admitted, perhaps accidentally, that she proposed doctoring testimony submitted as part of the congressional record. According to Gosa's recollection as laid out in the memo she sent to Towns on June 17, 2010, Towns had allowed material to be submitted for the record within five days of a particular hearing. When materials came in beyond that timeframe, Gosa suggested changing the dates to allow it to be submitted, she wrote.

"Jaron made a false claim that I wouldn't insert appropriate materials into the hearing record," she wrote in the memo. "The incident that he is referring to was when the Chairman stated that there was 5 days to submit additional testimony after a hearing. Materials would come in months later with the wrong dates and I explained to Jaron that they would have to change the date closer in the range of the 5 days that the Chairman allotted not several months later." There is no evidence that Bourke allowed her to change the dates.

Sources speaking on condition of anonymity said there was no way Kucinich could be unaware of the tension within his office, and indeed, the problems "significantly impacted the subcommittee's work in an adverse manner."

It is no wonder Democrats are privately worried about Kucinich gaining the seat. According to a piece by Janie Lorber of the New York Times on Wednesday:

A senior aide to the committee said that Mr. Kucinich would be a “wild card” and that he was seeking the post only for political gain.

Democrats are also probably somewhat privately concerned that Kucinich is something of a loose cannon -- he's often been at odds with his own party. He's also somewhat ... loopy: witness his years-long battle to create a "Department of Peace."

In the end his challenge may be somewhat quixotic, but it is another example of the infighting taking place as the Democratic Party tries to make sense of its electoral slaughter earlier this month.