Dem Congressman's Assault on Student Reporter Deserves Censure

Has liberal North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge (Democrat, Second District) lost his ever-loving mind?

Read the Big Government story that provides some commentary to go along with the spliced-together video below if you must, but there really isn't any additional context needed.

The footage clearly shows seventh-term Representative Bob Etheridge walking down a Washington, D.C., street towards two young men want to interview him and who are videotaping the meeting with a pair of cell phone cameras. The introductory text explains that the students are standing outside a fundraiser for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sometime last week.

The student playing the role of primary reporter greets Congressman Etheridge cordially, and asks him if he fully supports President Obama's agenda.

As the video below shows, Etheridge immediately became irrational and violent, demanding again and again "who are you?" He  claimed, "I have a right to know who you are," while assaulting the student reporter. Etheridge ripped the first student's cell phone camera out of his hands, but it kept recording even as the 67-year-old congressman held it.

The second cell phone camera recording the event captured the assault in far more detail.

After the first young man -- with fear in his voice -- asked Etheridge to let him go, the congressman responded by grabbing him by the back of the neck and jerking the young man toward him, pulling him under his arm, and gripping him tightly around the shoulder. "Who are you?" he demanded again, nose-to-nose with the obviously frightened student.

After the cowering student reporter and cameraman again asked -- loudly this time -- for Etheridge to let him go, the congressman either regained his senses and finally released him, or the student twisted out of his grasp. Either way, he escaped from the unhinged congressman.

There is little doubt that what we've witnessed in this video is a congressmen assaulting an individual for the simple act of politely asking him on a public street if he supports the president's agenda. If Bob Etheridge had responded in a reasonable manner -- either answering the question in some manner or ignoring the student reporters entirely -- then there would be no story here. But that wasn't the  congressman's response. His response was intimidation and physical violence.