Dem Civil War! Expletives, Tax Fights and Party Switchers Abandoning the SS Hopenchange

Among the punditocracy, liberals are out for Obama's political head. Kirsten Powers, who usually presents herself as a moderate Democrat, is calling his tax deal "absolutely morally corrupt."

The conservative Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana has dubbed the tax cuts as the “Obama-McConnell Plan” and described it as “almost morally corrupt.” But that’s generous. The plan is not “almost morally corrupt” but absolutely morally corrupt, no matter what the president said at the hastily called press conference yesterday.

During this press conference, Obama added insult to injury by deriding his base as “sanctimonious” for their principles. He also swore to resume the fight over tax cuts for the wealthy in another two years, making one wonder—why would he promise to fight something two years from now, when he has even less leverage and power?

And the "Louisiana Purchase" during ObamaCare wasn't morally corrupt?

In the House, they're blocking Obama's plans for the Gitmo terrorists.  In the Senate, Harry Reid is feelin' lucky.  Or desperate.  It's increasingly hard to tell the difference with him.

Meanwhile, how's the President holding up?  Is he triangulating like a smart post-shellacking Democrat should? Er, no.  He's still talking about spreading the wealth around.  When President Narcissus isn't talking about himself.

All of this would be funny if it wasn't so dangerous.  In announcing the deal, the President called the Republicans "hostage takers" though they had pretty clearly rolled him.  What happens if he gets the chance to negotiate with real, bona fide hostage takers?

One member I talked to said if this is the way he's going to negotiate with the Republicans, what's he going to do with the Iranians, you know?

That would be less scary to contemplate, if Obama hadn't explicitly campaigned on a promise to negotiate with those very hostage takers.