Defend America? Relax, We'll Be Fine!

In another instance that would in normal circumstances and times provide comic relief, Michelle Obama, in pushing her anti-childhood obesity initiative, announced on December 13 that childhood obesity is a threat to national security. Her reasoning, such as it is, is that obese people can’t serve in the military, thus by inference making overweening governmental control over what children eat and what schools are allowed to serve an issue of national security. The reality that our armed services are easily attaining all recruiting goals apparently matters not, but then again the Obama administration is not known for its great fondness for the military or for those who serve.

Mr. Obama has also said virtually nothing regarding WikiLeaks, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, America’s top diplomat, has demonstrated the degree of seriousness with which the Obama administration takes the matter on several occasions. On December 4 at a State Department reception for recent Kennedy Center honorees such as Oprah Winfrey, Mrs. Clinton addressed the subject: “I am writing a cable about it, which I’m sure you’ll find soon on your closest website.” According to the press, her comments were received with laughter. Several days earlier, Mrs. Clinton made clear the administration’s laser-like focus on the damage done by the security breach when she said: “Let’s be clear: This disclosure is not just an attack on America’s foreign policy interests, it is an attack on the international community.” It is apparently a matter of minor concern that our foreign policy interests have been attacked, but an attack on the international community, well! Such is the “strong foreign policy” about which Mr. Gibbs spoke. Assange chose his enemy wisely, recognizing Mr. Gibbs’ assertion of Obamite strength for what it is: abject weakness, appeasement, and surrender.

We are now treated with the knowledge that Mr. Holder and the Justice Department are hard at work looking into possible charges in the WikiLeaks matter. They have been looking for some weeks. One would imagine that there are prosecutors at the DOJ who actually have some rudimentary familiarity with and experience in prosecuting security breaches. Couldn’t the AG, if he desired, simply call a meeting and learn within a few minutes which federal statutes applied? Or barring that, couldn’t he just read the U.S. Code? It would appear that Mr. Holder has no stomach for direct action, particularly when it involves protecting Americans and disabling her enemies, particularly when pursuing more important matters such as securing a future World Cup are up for grabs.

A reasonable person might find that President Obama would answer the pertinent questions thus:

(1) Is America worth defending? Nah.

(2) Is freedom of the press more important than the Constitution? Than American sovereignty and security? Of course, as long as the media is on my side.

(3) Is it any longer possible to commit treason against America? Not as long as I’m in charge.

The importance of the correct answers to these questions cannot be overstated. The tragedy, and real and present danger, is that no one honestly answering these questions could possibly act as the Obama administration, and every Democrat administration since JFK, have acted.

America has seldom been so desperately in need of strong, adult leadership. Perhaps Mr. Obama will simply turn matters over to Mr. Clinton, as he did this month. What could go wrong?