Defend America? Relax, We'll Be Fine!

But in his second term -- particularly when the New York Times decided that it, not the president or Congress, would determine which of America’s secrets would remain secret -- previously firm answers began to quiver like Jello. The president, present and former CIA directors, and prominent members of Congress pleaded with the NYT not to release information that would permanently harm America’s interests and cost lives around the globe. But transparency and “truth” were in the calculations of the NYT far more important than mere issues of secrecy, security, and the lives of those who supported a president they despised. Knowing that the publication of sensitive information would directly and immediately harm America, the NYT and countless other media outlets chose to be citizens of the world and chose to elevate a non-existent “right to know” over the Constitution, over the survival of America, and over the lives of those fighting for America’s survival.

The rule of law, the sanctity of the Constitution, and future prospects for American survival all fell into doubt. No one doubted Mr. Bush’s belief in America’s uniqueness and indispensability, but so under attack was he by Democrats, the press, the academy, and Congress that he could not do all that he likely wanted or hoped to do to protect American secrets.

With his attorney general constantly under fire defending routine business, Mr. Bush was fighting wars on two fronts, and was the recipient of the most vile and personal barrage of calumny ever heaped upon an American president. Mr. Bush found himself unable to fully protect America and to capture and prosecute her domestic enemies. Americans began to wonder: Is there no such thing as treason anymore? Why haven’t all of the leakers been identified and arrested? Why isn’t everyone at the NYT and other media outlets who knowingly and arrogantly publicized vital American secrets and directly caused the deaths of untold Americans and supporters of America in jail under indictment? If the president doesn’t care about our national secrets and survival, why should we?

This, as well as an economic meltdown ineptly handled and explained to the public, paved the way for a silver-tongued, teleprompter-animated hustler promising hope, change, racial redemption, a fundamental transformation of America, and universal international respect and peace to attain the presidency. At least half of America suspected that Mr. Obama’s answers to the pertinent questions would be opposite those of Mr. Bush, but most were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt -- a doubt that he would, through serial apologies and bows and the most inept foreign and domestic policies seen in living memory, quickly squander.

Mr. Obama seemed from his first day in office unable to differentiate between America’s enemies and her friends. His serial insults of the British and the Israelis are the stuff of legend. His reflexive yet enduring support for an attempted Marxist takeover of Honduras is merely a minor case in point. The Hondurans resisted intense administration pressure, maintained a constitutional democracy, and learned that not only would they have to survive without America, but that they could. Mr. Obama’s approach towards North Korea and Iran can only be described as the most fawning, pathetic appeasement. Mr. Obama’s multi-million dollar trip to personally appeal for the Olympics on behalf not of America, but Chicago, was a complete failure, as was a recent similar errand by Attorney General Eric Holder to lobby for the World Cup. Obama's most recent Asian diplomatic excursion was honestly panned by the Obamedia as a complete failure.

While speaking to Hispanics during the 2010 congressional election, Mr. Obama made it plain that he considered more than 50% of America to be his (and their) enemies, and in a contemporaneous interview, observed that America was strong enough to “absorb another 9/11.” And now we learn that not only has Venezuela already taken delivery of nearly 2,000 advanced shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles from Russia, missiles that can easily be smuggled across the southern border, but Iran is in the process of installing ICBMs capable of hitting America as soon as nuclear warheads are available -- a deficit Iran is currently hard at work to rectify.

And about this, Mr, Obama has said ... nothing, and has apparently done the same.