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Declaration of Two Dependents: Gay Love and Marriage

Some claim there is a moral imperative to not allow same-sex couples to be legally allowed to pay as much taxes as I do. Whose morality are we talking about? While we're flapping our gums over whether or not someone deserves to be married, we should instead be determining why the federal government is in the business of deciding who is fit to marry or not, and why some of the Congressional leaders who ban gay marriage are getting it on with their male pages.

Would gay marriage normalize gays? Oh boy, I hope not. Who needs more normal people in this world? Normal people walk through Safeway with their lattes and sunglasses on their heads comparing feminine hygiene products and watch the Hallmark channel. My gay best friend taught me that oil didn't go down the dipstick hole in the car, and butch chicks help me fix my flat tires and know more about life, tolerance and love than ‘normal' folks.

Rather than vilifying people who are willing to take the matrimonial plunge, why not reward gay couples as we do any couple -- with higher taxes? Heaven knows we could use the money.

If we are truly a nation founded on morality and equality, on wisdom and on the values of ‘equality for all' from our illustrious forefathers, we must recognize that marriage is not a privilege, and government doesn't have the right to deny this convention to homosexuals.

Perhaps the final hang-up is with the terminology. Fine. Call it Contractual Commitment instead of Marriage. Either way, the results are the same: someone wears white, eats a lot of cake, is carried over the threshold, has to cook, clean, work, listens to whining, gets asked if the pants make their butts look big, and shares their loves, laughs and laments, hopefully for the rest of their life.

We all have that right.