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Debate of the Century: Obama vs. Trump

Moderator: Mr. Trump, do you think you would have any difficulty going from private businessman to president of the United States?

Trump: You know, unlike other people I’ve really been public all my life.

I’ve done a good job. I’ve built a great company. I mean it’s magnificent.

I’m going to disclose all this stuff. And they will be amazed at how big it is, how strong it is, how much cash there is. It’s a great company. I’d love to show my tax returns. I may tie the release of my tax returns to Obama releasing his birth certificate.

I think that people see me as somebody that loves this country. But maybe even more importantly I will not let our great nation be ripped off by so many others.

I think they see that. They think I am a smart guy.

Moderator:  Mr. President, does criticism bother you?

Obama: Some of it will be settled by the America people in the election.

That is how democracy should work.

Moderator: Mr. Trump, does criticism bother you?

Trump: Next question. You’re not doing your job very well.

You’ve been co-opted by Obama.

Moderator: Finally, what would you like to say to the American people?

Obama: To make very clear to the American people that we have a choice.

Moderator: Mr. Trump, any final words to the American people?

Trump: I had two divorces. And they were very good women.

And I always say about that -- they were excellent women, terrific women.

But you know what? I work so hard and so long that it’s almost unfair to women.

But isn’t what this county wants -- don’t -- you think the country wants somebody that works long and hard and smart, maybe above all smart?

So I think the reason I am doing so well in all the polls, where I am leading most of ‘em is that they see me stopping this onslaught from other people taking advantage of the county. Cause I’ll tell you something, if I win, people will not be ripping off the United States any longer.