Death T-shirts in the News

a href=",1,7006600.story?coll=chi-health-hed"Here is a an article /aabout a href="" /ain the Chicago Tribune today with some quotes from me touting the humor of these t-shirts. But the message of these shirts for people who are ill is a serious one:br /br /blockquoteThe MedTees T-shirts are the brainchild of Evanston Northwestern physician Wes Fisher and his wife, Diane. Fed up with a culture that they say resists the natural processes of aging and illness like leprosy, the Fishers' idea allows patients and people with illnesses to poke fun at their /br /"It's kind of a countercultural idea," Wes Fisher said in the kitchen of his home. "People in Western culture really don't think it's OK to have an illness or be sick. We have a media image of the perfect body."/blockquotebr /br /I remember after my heart attack that doctors told me that no one would know that I had an "imperfect body" but a cardiologist, but I know it everyday--and sure as hell don't try to hide it. People get sick and they get old--so what? It is part of the human condition--but rising above it to do the best we can with the life we have is the answer, not trying to pretend that we are immortal.