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Dead Muslims? Only Wake the EU and UN if Jews Did It

Because there were no Jews involved.

Last Friday in Lahore, Pakistan, 93 people were killed by Islamists. Why didn’t we hear from the EU and UN?

Because there were no Jews involved.

Al Jazeera reported that on one of the boats heading for Gaza, "activists" were singing "Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, Muhammed’s army will return." What do these words mean?

In 629, Mohammed had all the Jews from Khaybar killed -- including all women and children, except for one beautiful woman who he kept as a sex servant. When the people on the Turkish boat sang "Khaybar, Khaybar," they were calling for the death of the Jews.

Why didn’t the EU and UN protest against this song?

Well ...

On May 31, exactly the same day as the Gaza confrontation, "unknown gunmen" stormed a hospital in Lahore, Pakistan, and killed an unknown number of people. Why didn’t we hear from the EU and UN about this?

Because there were no Jews involved.

Why are the media and the EU and the UN and Turkey so obsessed by this conflict, when worse conflicts causing hundreds of victims among people who really lack food and medicines -- the Gazan Palestinians don’t need aid boats, they have enough of everything -- go unnoticed?

The media and the EU and the UN and Turkey are focused on this relatively small conflict because the Jews are involved. The disgusting attack on the Ahmadis in Lahore last Friday -- 93 people died while praying in their mosques -- hardly got any attention. No demonstrations in the streets of Paris or Athens or Istanbul.

But the death of a smaller number of extremist Turks chanting "death to the Jews" on a ship of a Turkish anti-Semitic organization? That creates worldwide indignation, fury, disgust.

And so forth, and so forth, and so forth ...