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David Gregory Connects Benghazi Directly to Hillary Clinton

Twice in two days, NBC's David Gregory has now strayed from the left's mantra on Benghazi. Today on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Gregory connected the attack -- in which four Americans died at the hands of terrorists -- to policies put in place by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

"The real story about Benghazi is what are the consequences for having a light footprint in a chaotic country post-invasion?" Gregory said. "That's the ongoing story. And by the way, a story that candidate Clinton if she becomes a candidate will have to face."

Gregory was not finished. Addressing a point made by National Journal's Ron Fournier, Gregory added, "We know to Ron's point that the White House had a political interest in advancing a story about this video really being at the core of all of these protests. Because anything that was spontaneous and happening fast is to their benefit in the situation, opposed to being caught unaware about a terror attack which they didn't know about. We don't know. We know they were interested in the politics of this."

Unfortunately, Gregory went on from there to play along with the White House's current excuse, that they really believed the tale they were telling: "We didn't know they were somehow telling any untruth. And we know that the intelligence community was saying, in fact, that this was a spontaneous eruption that in Cairo and then evolved into a direct attack on the consulate. So we know there was an opportunity to sell it. We don't know what all the facts of this are. But this particular memo, for instance, why did they hold that back? Of course it was related to Benghazi. I think it creates more problems."

Criminal problems. Withholding subpoenaed documents from Congress is a criminal offense.

And, for the umpteenth time, the attack on the US embassy in Cairo was not spontaneous at all. Islamic Jihad and Al Gamaa Al Islamiyya threatened to attack it on September 10 to obtain the Blind Sheikh's release from prison in the US. The groups used the YouTube video to generate rage, but the video was not the spark that led to the attacks.