David (Frum) Sleeps with Goliath

Dire are these days for conservatives. Leftist functionaries dominate both the legislative and executive branches of government as the media proclaims the demise of the conservative movement on a once-weekly basis.

Barack Obama -- the physical and mental archetype of every Democrat's politically correct, multicultural fantasies -- owns the battlefield and is also the embodiment of the Peter Principle. He has been promoted far beyond his abilities. The president's ascendance is the flamboyant fruit of corrupt affirmative action policies and his economic ignorance currently threatens our nation's continued viability.

Obama's first fifty days have been a tragicomedy rooted in incompetence and fervent partisanship. That he is an extreme ideologue is blatantly evident. He cares no more for our past and traditions than he does our oldest ally. The only change his years in office promise is the presence of a president with no leadership capacity whatsoever.

What then do recent events spell for persons on the right side of the political spectrum? Well, we must all recall a basic rule of history: every majority eventually becomes a minority. In 2010 the midterm elections will transpire and the makeup of Congress will undoubtedly alter at that time. The Democrats' hold on the Senate and the House of Representatives will either gradually or significantly erode. The Republican base will energize and the number of GOP politicians will expand.

In order to get there from here, members of the conservative commentariat must devote themselves to critiquing our wayward masters, proffer alternatives, draw comparisons between liberty and tyranny, contrast the virtues of the free market against the sclerosis of socialism, and identify the travesty that is government impoverishing future generations out of a need to feast on pork today.

Cutting taxes, giving the people their money back, neutering bureaucracies, and encouraging citizens to take control of their lives are the core conservative principles. They also have the luxury of resonating across demographic groups. We would do well to celebrate our beliefs and doing so would be a great first step to recapturing the hearts of the electorate. Conversely, John McCain's responses to the credit and mortgage crises in the fall were a potent lesson on things to do on the campaign trail when you're dead.

Yet some conservative luminaries disagree. David Frum, a lawyer by training and former speech writer for George W. Bush, is one of them. In the face of Obamanian verbal gymnastics -- such as confusing the inflation of government with economic "stimulus" -- the Canadian journalist has decided to declare war on ... Rush Limbaugh.