David Axelrod Tries to Re-Wright History

We're supposed to believe that neither Barack nor wife Michelle (assuming they weren't actually there) could possibly have heard a word about Wright's perception of their presidential mission.

Beyond that, of course, there are the church bulletins the Obamas would have received at virtually every service they attended during his twenty years of involvement and at least the first sixteen years of her marriage to Barack. The bulletins' editorials by Wright and others within the church frequently denounced America as a country founded and still based on inhumanity to blacks, as a nation controlled by rich white people, and as the number one killer in the world. Guest commentators in the bulletins' pages included a Hamas terrorist and several black liberation-spouting clerics.

A TUCC spokesperson who claimed to be in a position to know told me in 2008 that bulletins were distributed each week to attendees before services. So Barack Obama had them, but somehow we're supposed to believe his claim that he never read them. In March 2007, Ryan Lizza, attending a TUCC service while writing for the New Republic, observed how Obama "watches the preacher carefully and writes notes." Since he almost certainly received a bulletin upon arrival, and since the bulletins always contained at least one blank but lined page for taking notes, the odds that Obama was taking those notes in a bulletin he supposedly never read are quite high. Lizza never responded to several messages I left in 2008 asking him if he saw where Obama was recording his notes. I think I know why.

Finally, there was Wright's now-defunct Trumpet Newsmagazine, the place for longer diatribes and features on assorted peacemakers like Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, and White House-visiting misogynist rapper "Common." Obama was featured on its cover at least three times, but wants us to believe that had no idea of its other contents.

Getting to the details is a column for another time, but the fact is that despite his departure from TUCC, Barack Obama took much of Jeremiah Wright's mindset into the Oval Office, where it has contributed in both overt and subtle ways to the horrible havoc his administration has wrought.

Sorry David Axelrod. There is no way you should get your way on this one -- and hopefully you won't.