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Darwin vs. Einstein

Christians and Jews have never objected to a theory of evolution based on common descent; in particular, there is no objection to the claim that humans and chimps had a common ancestor five million years ago. I myself have looked at the evidence, and I think the evidence for such a common ancestor is overwhelming. But Einstein was correct: the evolution of humans from one branch of this common ancestor was foreordained. The Schrödinger equation -- quantum mechanics -- demands it.

Christians and Jews necessarily accept what Einstein called “determinism.” We call it “God’s omniscience.” God knows what we will do before we do it. God knew what we would do before He evolved the human race, before time even began. We believe therefore that we “ ... are endowed by [our] Creator with certain unalienable Rights" even if members of the ruling class are so opposed to this idea that they cannot even utter the words. We also believe in free will, and how our free will can be reconciled with God’s foreknowledge has been the subject of theological debate for millennia. I have written a book wherein I argue that a property of quantum mechanics provides an answer, but the answer is not relevant here.

What is relevant is that we members of the subject class are in agreement with the laws of physics. We are in agreement with Einstein. Thus we are intellectually superior to the members of the ruling class, who put their faith in chance, in Darwin ­-- in their own willfulness, which is what “chance” means in politics.

We will win this fight. God preordained -- Darwin’s word -- our victory. The ruling class’ view of reality upon which its members’ pretense of intellectual superiority rests has been totally refudiated.