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Dancing Around the Truth of the Fort Hood Rampage

The Muslim apologists are creative in finding external excuses for the countless injustices that occur in the world of Islam. Often, it is tiny Israel which can be blamed for the Muslim rage against modernity, democracy, and gender equality. Or it is America’s recent wars against homegrown Islamic tyrannies which explain the killing of Muslim women and children by other Muslims. Of course, all these explanations belong in the category of absurd nonsense.

In our world of cultural relativism, where we have respect for all cultures and civilizations, it is impossible to touch upon a truth that hides just below the surface of all this nonsensical analysis of the Fort Hood attacker. Just like the Taliban, some Muslims despise modernity. They despise the modern city, its sounds and colors, its seducing women and music, its profanities and literature. They despise all of this because they believe that they can’t get into the hereafter if they haven’t tried to violently destroy it -- and this "it" is us, our way of life, and our pursuit of happiness.

What is known about him now makes it clear that Major Nidal Malik Hasan transformed himself into an American Taliban. He became a very devout believer, an extremist. He is not a rare exemption to the rule. There are tens of thousands of Muslim extremists willing to kill women and children. These non-combatants are not, in the extremist's perspective, innocent human beings. Rather, they are infidels denying the supremacy of the Muslim God.

What happened in Fort Hood was a terrorist attack by an American Muslim extremist. Live with it.