Dan Rather on Bush Memo Story: ‘We Got to the Truth But We Paid a Painful Price'

“I do think this film, the story, which is a fascinating multi-layered story about media, big corporations and their political allies, propaganda, betrayal, it’s a really good story and with a cast like this, look at this cast, not just Cate Blanchett or Robert Redford, it’s an all-star cast, it’s a good story,” Rather responded.

Rather also said the “media cosmos” is “so much larger” and “more fragmented” compared to 2004.

“This is a good time to revisit what happened, why it happened, how it happened and why anybody should care because it resonates today. The question is, what’s happened to the news? I think at its best level this film deals with this question,” he said.

“It’s a question of what kind of journalism do we want and that’s a great deal of what Truth – this film – is about. We need a new broader, looking-forward discussion that with this new exploding universe of media and press – what kind of journalism do we want in this country and especially do we want hard-grilling, deep-digging investigative journalism which can’t be perfect, it’s never perfect, do we want it or not and if not, then what kind of country do we expect to have?”

Rather sued CBS in 2006 for $70 million after he left the company and the lawsuit was eventually dismissed. PJ Media asked Rather if he is satisfied with the outcome.

“Filing the lawsuit was never about the money. The lawsuit was about two things: number one, I wanted to know what happened, what really happened,” he said, adding that the lawsuit was the only way to figure it out.

Rather also explained CBS quietly tried to erase him from their history despite his 44 years with the company.

“They were trying to airbrush me out of their history, which, I said to myself, even if I lose, I have to fight it so I did. Now, we eventually lost in the appeals court, not on the merits of what we discovered, but it was on a legal matter of whether we had the right to sue CBS, but that’s a long way from the film,” he said.