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Dale Robertson, No Friend of Ours

Houston has a problem.

Rather, the Houston tea party groups have a problem -- a character named Dale Robertson. He is a self-appointed “leader” of the tea party movement, most famous for carrying a sign at the 3/27 tea party in Houston with the word “niggar” on it.

Not surprisingly, he was asked to leave.

Unfortunately, the press seems to find him newsworthy. He continues to show up in mass media professing to be the “founder” of the tea party movement. From his website:

Dale, is the founder of the modern day Tea Party. Dale Robertson, a public speaker, a family man with a wife and 5 children, has lead Tea Party rallies across America from its inception.

He owns the website TeaParty.org and has even hired publicist Tim Bueler to increase his profile.

So who exactly is this guy? And what makes him a leader of the tea party movement to substantiate the publicist’s claim? For one thing, he claims to be a hero, and because of this declaration he believes he should be considered a leader:

Dale, is the progeny of a long list of heroes, being 1 of 5 children he assumed the responsibility of the protector of the family after his father's early demise. His father was a decorated Korean War hero suffering as a double amputee Veteran. As a child, Dale proved himself by assisting his step-father, a decorated Vietnam veteran, who suffered from the result of his tour of duty. While caring for the family, Dale was an inspirational player in one of the most successful high school sport teams. His history included facing down ethnic gang members while protecting the innocent and the U.S. flag.