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DADT Repealed but the Left's War to Politicize the Military Continues

Here’s the big elephant in the room. If this is solely about honorable service, and nothing else, then why is all of this needed? The in-your-face attitude, the admonishments to get over it, the slurs and accusations of homophobia, the possibilities of same-sex civil unions -- none of these things have anything to do with service in the military. When you join the Marine Corps and go to MCRD Parris Island, for example, there isn’t going to be a line for gay recruits and a line for straight recruits. They all go through the same training and they all have the same job to do. We don’t differentiate between races in the military, so why all of the hoopla around sexual orientation?

There seems to be a kind of obsession among the gay Left to constantly celebrate their sexuality. It's great for someone to be proud of who they are, but it doesn't fit in with military service. As a service member, it isn't all about you -- it's about the team, the unit. It's about everyone as a whole, and if you are constantly preaching about your lifestyle, and tolerance for your beliefs, it isn't going to make for a strong team. To be a Marine or a soldier in combat, you cannot constantly be thinking about "I" and "me." The military is all about discipline and conformance; consistently flaunting your homosexuality and demanding that everyone accept it (while never being tolerant of other views) doesn't fit in.

This is about much more than just honorable military service. It's just the tip of the iceberg. The push for recognizing gay marriage, giving gay spouses benefits, allowing gay partners to live together on base -- a cans of worms just got cracked wide open. How long will it take for Lt. Ross, for example, to start demanding benefits for his husband?

Race, gender, sexual orientation: none of these things have anything to do with a career in the military. Most service members don't care who is gay as long as they aren't disrupting or endangering the unit. DADT is over, yet those who wanted the repeal are not shutting up. They got what they wanted, and instead of just putting their heads down and doing their jobs, they’re carrying on with the squabbling. All this will do is continue to divide service members and pit them against each other.

I thought ending DADT meant that the controversy was supposed to be over. But of course, that’s assuming that the repeal of DADT was all they were after.