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Culture of Corruption: Harry Reid Staffer Caught in Sham Marriage to Keep Terror Suspect in the U.S.

The liberal Las Vegas Sun has downplayed the terror ties, only referring to it in passing. “Harry Reid staffer accused of faking marriage to get friend green card,” says the Sun headline. But the publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal isn’t buying it. “The Reid folks ain't sayin' much other than to suggest it's a GOP trick,” writes publisher Sherman Frederick on his blog. “Only problem, it happened on Obama's watch and involves several federal agencies.” Reid and Frederick both bear mutual grudges against each other.

CQ Politics, along with the AP, meanwhile forgets entirely to mention that Tarhini was a subject of interest to the Oklahoma City Joint Terrorism Task Force. Instead, CQ focuses on the immigration angle (pun intended), saying that illegal immigration has been a “flash point” in the race for U.S. Senate in Nevada. “[T]he Democratic leader has been working hard to turn out as much of the Hispanic vote as possible,” writes CQ’s John Stanton breathlessly, omitting only the exclamation point to hide his bias.

Reid’s office gives us the best “teachable moment” though so far: “[T]he bottom line remains that this story was a desperation measure by partisan Republicans who have stooped to slinging mud about junior staffers to score points in the waning days of [the] campaign,” said Manley

Hey, maybe now Tejada will get to go to the White House and have a beer. And the staff from CQ can go with her.

Spin that.