Cuccinelli: 'If Amnesty Goes Through, It Can Turn Around Momentum' in GOP Base

Since his electoral loss, Cuccinelli has returned to the practice of law. He has filed suit against the National Security Agency for perceived privacy violations and has, in fact, helped found an unusual practice – VSD Law, which specializes in representing individuals in Virginia who act in self-defense.

For as little as $8.33 a month, people can place VSD Law – Virginia Self Defense Law – on retainer. In return, if they are charged or sued in instances where self-defense is claimed, the firm will provide representation.

The office is nearly unique – only one other firm in Texas offers the same services for “gun users at legal risk,” Cuccinelli said.

“If you have a self-defense issue, we will represent you at no legal cost," said Cuccinelli, a longtime defender of the Second Amendment, asserting that cases exist where “gun owners are being unfairly targeted.”

And he indicated he may not be through with politics. While he is sitting on the sidelines during the 2014 election, he may be interested in making a run for some undetermined office in the future.

“We’ll see,” he said.