Cruz, Coburn Join Roberts’ Re-election Repair Tour

The Orman team maintains that partisan spirit is the cause of gridlock in Washington and Roberts has to share the blame.

“Washington is broken because politicians like Senator Roberts refuse to address serious problems like immigration,” said Jim Jonas, the Orman campaign manager.

In the “11 million” ad that began running the first week of October, the Orman campaign said Washington’s failure to pass immigration reform legislation is the perfect example of how the machinery in Washington, of which Roberts is a cog, has ground to a halt.

“Instead of working on a solution, Roberts has come back to Kansas to lie about Greg Orman,” the ad states, referring to a Roberts campaign charge Orman was deceiving Kansas voters about his support for an amnesty program for illegal immigrants.

“The truth?” the 11 million ad narrator says. “Orman opposes amnesty. He’ll secure the border with a plan that’s tough, practical and fair to taxpayers.”

Bliss said nothing could be further from the truth.

“President Obama and Harry Reid want Greg Orman elected to the Senate because they know the only thing that can stop executive amnesty is a Senate Republican Majority with Pat Roberts,” said Bliss. “A vote for Greg Orman is a green light for Obama on amnesty.”

Roberts’ campaign has also called into question Orman’s assertion that he is a true independent who will be beholden to neither party, if elected.

The official Orman biography details encounters and associations with Republicans — including President Reagan — and Democrats.

That bipartisan attitude came from his upbringing, according to the Orman campaign website.

Orman’s maternal grandfather was a Democrat who worked with Hubert Humphrey. His mother who was a “union nurse was also a Democrat.”

His father, on the other hand, was a lifelong Republican.

Orman told NBC News he is so independent he will caucus with whichever party winds up taking control of the Senate in January 2015.

The idea that Orman is a true independent is not a new theme for his campaign. Orman began running the ad, Half Right, in late September blaming both parties — Democratic and Republican — for gridlock in Washington.

However, the Roberts campaign said the Half Right ad actually proves Orman’s allegiance to Obama and Reid rather than reaffirming his independence.

Bliss pointed out that not only did Orman vote for Obama in 2008, he also donated “thousands of dollars” to the Reid reelection campaign.

“Unfortunately, this is just the latest chapter in a growing pattern of deceit and evasiveness by liberal Greg Orman,” said Bliss. “He will say anything, do anything, and in this case, hire anyone, to help him get elected.”