Cruz Challenges Biden to Gun Debate

If Vice President Joe Biden has been tagged as the administration's point man on gun control, why wouldn't he want to debate freshman Senator Ted Cruz about guns?

For starters, Biden knows he would be outclassed. Then again, a pie-eyed prostitute would outclass Biden in a debate.

But beyond his stupidity, there is a royal lack of specificity in any argument Biden has made about gun control. He has tried to manipulate people emotionally by dragging the dead bodies of Newtown school children along with him wherever he goes. He throws their blood in the face of his audiences, shaming them into supporting the administration's agenda, rather than trying to appeal to their logic and reason.

He never uses many stats -- legitimate stats, anyway. This is why he would be helpless against Cruz in any debate over gun control.

But Cruz is framing the debate as a "conversation" on what causes violent crime.

From the Washington Examiner:

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, noting that Vice President Joe Biden reportedly plans to revive a legislative push for gun control, challenged him to a debate about policy responses to gun violence.

“I would like to invite the vice president to engage in an hour-long conversation and debate, ‘How do we stop crime’,” Cruz said at the National Rifle Association Leadership Forum today. “If Vice President Biden really believes that the facts are on his side ... then I would think he would welcome the opportunity to talk about the sources, the causes of violent crime, who is carrying it out, and how we can do everything humanly possible to stop it.”

Cruz indicated that he doesn’t regard Biden as a formidable opponent, noting that Biden’s home defense advice — firing a shotgun twice into the air — “is very useful, if it so happens that you’re being attacked by a flock of geese.”

Cruz is noted for those kinds of lines and could be expected to zing the vice president on a regular basis during any debate.

The White House will no doubt accuse the Texas senator of grandstanding and dismiss the challenge with a sniff and a huff. But a debate would do the country an extraordinary service. It would reveal to all just what an empty-headed mountebank Joe Biden is and why any thoughts he has of running for president in 2016 should be placed on the shelf next to his shotgun where it can gather dust along with his other moldy ideas.

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