Crowdfunded Super PAC Aims to Change Money Influence in Elections, Starting with N.H.

On his website Rubens has a nine-point “Political Reform Agenda,” which includes campaign finance reforms to a range of issues, including term limits, budget reform and holding a Constitutional Convention according to Article V of the Constitution

“Americans of all political stripes have had enough of systemic corruption,” said Mayday co-founder Mark McKinnon in a press release. “This is an opportunity for politicians in both parties to stand up and be counted, knowing that there is grassroots support for genuine heroes of reform. I hope Republican and Democratic candidates for Congress take advantage of this opportunity to inoculate themselves – and firmly position themselves as supporters of reform.”

McKinnon is a well-known Republican strategist who has worked with the likes of George W. Bush and John McCain. He is also a senior adviser for consulting firm Hill & Knowlton Strategies.

Under the leadership of Lessig and McKinnon, Mayday says it is also holding itself more accountable than any of the other super PACs operating throughout the country. They will report the names of all contributors above $200 to the Federal Election Commission and will not accept donations from groups that hide the identities of their funders.

“We started with these two races to be crystal clear – it doesn’t matter who you are, what your party is, or what powerful friends you have. If you are standing in the way of fundamental reform, if you are supporting what has become a fully corrupt system of money in politics, then you should watch your back,” Lessig said. “We will be announcing more races soon and you could be next.”

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