Critics on Both Sides Be Damned: Run, Sarah

She exemplifies a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” Time and again, Palin’s elitist detractors -- even those who are on the right side of the aisle -- question whether or not she has enough experience to run for the highest office in the land, while ignoring the fact that she does actually have executive experience. Some also rant about her “mangling” of the English language (while ignoring Obama’s flubs like pronouncing corpsman “corpse-man”). Frankly, I’d much rather have someone in charge whose diction is imperfect but whose message is clear than someone who pronounces all (or most of) the words correctly but won’t say exactly what he means.

We also hear much about how Palin got her degree from a state school instead of a more “elite” institution -- and was an average student who was “forgotten” by her professors. Many Americans have attended state universities (yours truly included) and haven’t had our intelligence questioned as a result. And why is it the kiss of death that her professors didn’t remember her? I’ll bet most of my former instructors would be hard put to remember me, considering the thousands of students they taught over the course of their careers. And Obama wasn’t exactly the most remembered student during his two years at Columbia.

Meghan McCain said she was “scared” by the fact that someone like Christine O’Donnell could just wake up one day and decide to run for national office. As I said at the time,

One does not have to be born into royalty or otherwise be part of the self-anointed elite to want to serve and represent one’s fellow citizens. Any ordinary schlub can run for office, making his case to the electorate, and letting it decide if he is suited for the job.

Ordinary Americans are sick and tired of being lectured by the self-anointed elites, the “intellectuals,” and the “ruling class,” and Sarah Palin’s growing popularity embodies this frustration and disgust.

I have a friend who wonders if Palin shouldn’t stay out of the race because she fears Palin and her family will be ripped even more by those on both sides who hate her. Palin knows better than anyone what lies ahead on the campaign trail. I say that if she wants to go for it, go for it -- and the “stupid” American voter will ultimately decide if she is ready for the big time.