It's Palin!

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"There are two military concepts here that explain the (absolutely spectacular) choice of Governor Sarah Palin." (Charlie Martin @ American Thinker)

"We have a former runner-up for Miss Alaska, who knows how to use a gun, and nixed the bridge to no where. This is suddenly wilder than a Macau poker game."(Claudia Rosett)

Palin and Creationism (LGF)

An Astonishingly Arrogant V.P. Selection  (Peter Scoblic)

What Palin Does (Noemie Emery)

"So this is the future of the Republican party you are looking at: a future in which national security has bumped down the list of priorities behind abortion politics, gender politics, and energy politics." (David Frum)

Palin v. Biden on Guns (Mark Hemingway)

McCain's 'Hail Sarah' Pass (Jonathan Alter)

Palin's husband and son not Republicans (Politico)

"It's a good day for gay Republicans." (Andrew Sullivan)

Dobson: "I would pull that lever" for McCain-Palin (Dennis Prager)

10 Facts About Palin (Time)

How Palin Came to the Top of the List (Political Radar)

Rush Limbaugh: "A Babe on the Ticket" (The Page)

Palin a Huge Hit at the Clinton Forum (Volokh Conspiracy)

Welcome, Madame Vice-President (Roger Kimball)

"He just gave the election to Barack Obama." (TalkLeft)

Palin Selection Surprised Her Staff, Too (WaPo)

"I’m not sure if Palin makes sense politically, but, personally, I’d rather see her leading the Republican ticket than John McCain." (David Harsanyi)

Crazy Prediction: "Obama will turn ... to Hillary Clinton." (Campaign Spot)

Barack and Joe vs. John and Sarah: What a Fight! (Phyllis Chesler)

"McCain has wowed the public and enthused the Right." (National Review)

"Based on her speech today, I think McCain made a very wise choice, politically and as a governing matter." (Peter Wehner)

"The contrast between the tight, focused operation at Team McCain and the botched announcement from Barack Obama could not be more dramatic." (Hot Air)

"Sarah Palin looks like a perfect face for the sort of Republican Party I want to support." (Ross Douthat)

Upsides and Downsides (Jonah Goldberg @ The Corner)

McCain's Best Bet: "It is a gamble, but when you are going to lose if you do not gamble, you might as well take the shot. I think McCain is taking a clear eyed gamble." (TalkLeft)

An Extraordinary Choice (Hugh Hewitt)

"It's a daring pick but I think a very weak pick." (Josh Marshall)