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Cory Booker's Food Stamp Falsehoods

If FRAC and others have specific problems with how the formulas reducing the Maximum Monthly Allotments work, they should tell us what they are. But they won't.

Instead, they want to make sure that everyone knows which states don't even have an asset test any more -- a loophole which allowed an Ohio couple with $80,000 in the bank and a paid-off house to collect benefits in 2009 -- and which ones have stretched the program's gross income test to up to 200% of the federal poverty level. Loosened program eligibility rules large explain why food stamp program participation continues to grow -- up by over 870,000 participants in August and September alone -- even as the still too high unemployment rate has been dropping. And of course, advocates fail to account for the fact that millions of households enrolled in the food stamp program have kids who double up on meal coverage by receiving free school breakfasts and lunches.

Cory Booker's opportunistic Food Stamp Challenge participation was all about positioning himself to seek higher office, either as the Garden State's next governor or U.S. senator. It's not unreasonable to believe that he has eyes on eventually seeking the presidency. The last thing the country needs is yet another unprincipled liberal wolf in moderate sheep's clothing in the White House.