Corrupt Maxine Waters in Line to Replace Barney Frank on Committee

Waters is a belligerent, often crudely outspoken liberal even further to the left than Barney Frank. Wall Street is understandably concerned about Waters becoming the ranking Democrat and, potentially, the chairman of the committee.  Frank has been the senior Democrat on the committee since 2003, and was viewed by lobbyists and Wall Street executives as someone they could work with. While we see where that relationship led us, it can be safely argued that with Waters as senior Democrat, or chairman, the potential exists for economic disaster.

Waters’ stated intentions will be yet another test of Nancy Pelosi’s power as House minority leader.  It is an open secret that the two women have a strained relationship at best.  But the intricacies and machinations involved in who assumes the Democratic leadership role on the committee is not the issue. The issue is that Waters has no reservations about seeking to lead the committee whose rules she is accused of blatantly violating.

This is an ongoing, unambiguous disregard for appearance and propriety. The Los Angeles Times reported that her relatives made over $1 million during the eight years preceding said article through their involvement with companies, candidates, and causes she had aided.  The Times reported that Waters and her husband helped get government bond business for a company, and that her daughter, Karen Waters, and son, Edward Waters, have profited from her connections.

Citizens Against Government Waste named her the Porker of the Month for June 2009, when she “provoked a tussle with House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey, (D-WI), over her intention to obtain an earmark for [her] Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center, a facility within the Los Angeles school system.”

Maxine Waters is the face of elected officials who thumb their noses at the public and, in her case, also tells citizens to “go to hell.” But the real tragedy isn’t what corrupt and arrogant politicians do -- it’s what the public allows them to get away with, by rewarding them with re-election.