Cornyn: Sanctuary City Bill a ‘Prerequisite’ for Immigration Reform

During the conference call, Cornyn cited the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who was convicted of several crimes and deported numerous times. To date, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has made no changes to the city’s sanctuary city policy, which prohibits the use of city funds to enforce federal immigration law.

Cornyn was asked for his response to critics of the sanctuary city bill who say crime is a universal problem that has to be addressed, not only in the context of illegal immigration.

“An American citizen committing crimes, at least they haven’t committed a crime of illegal entry into the country, and we should, I think, on a bipartisan basis agree that people who come here for no other reason but to commit crimes don’t deserve to stay here and should be among the first to be deported,” he said.

“The president has said that’s his priority list, but the facts seem to belie that when this administration by its overt acts – by omission and commission – has caused the release of thousands of people who have committed multiple criminal acts into our communities.”