Conyers to PJM: Even if Holder 'Made Some Mistakes, I Don't Think He's a Liability’

The committee asked Holder to provide “all regulations and internal Justice Department policies that govern the issuance of search warrants for the email communications of members of the media” no later than June 5. Another Justice Department official responded Monday, but Goodlatte and Sensenbrenner said they’re waiting for a Holder response.

Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert, a member of the Judiciary Committee, claims that Holder lied.

“It appears very clearly that he testified to something that was not true. Either that or he committed a fraud upon the court by participating in a fraud, a lie, upon the court to say that James Rosen was a co-conspirator, a flight risk, all this kind of stuff when he didn't believe it,” Gohmert told PJ Media on Capitol Hill.

“Either he lied to the court or lied to us. It seems pretty basic.”

Despite this, Gohmert is not sure if Republicans have the “political will” to keep pressure on Holder.

“I don't know if our party has the political will. Our speaker has said some things to indicate he does. We'll see,” Gohmert said.