Converting the West to Islam Through... Sex?

Much ink has been spilled in recent years -- by Ba'at Yeor and Mark Steyn, most prominently -- on the demographic decline of Europe vis-à-vis Islam. Heretofore the assumption has been that such could not happen in the U.S., that our higher birth rates -- due in large measure to our greater religious adherence -- would head off Islamization on the European model. But a recent line of Islamic attack advocated on the Yahoo group MahdiUniteMuslims (MUM) has forced me to reconsider that smug assumption.

For the past few weeks MUM -- which is dedicated to uniting the Islamic world through belief in the Mahdi, the "rightly-guided one" of Islamic traditions who will create a global caliphate -- has hosted a discussion about mut`ah, Shi`i temporary marriage, the "secret weapon that will convert the West to Islam in the later days before the advent of Imam al Mahdi" according to the ingenious Muslim who first advanced the idea (and is there any doubt it was a guy?). His starting point is the Islamic tradition that in the last days before the Mahdi returns, women will greatly outnumber men worldwide. This Muslim Hugh Hefner opines that "the West will not consider mut`ah as marriage but more at par [sic] with mistress or girlfriend though we consider it a valid form of marriage."

He continues: "The West can never jail a Shi`ah for doing mut`ah. It is almost impossible to go to jail for doing mut`ah in the West" (except perhaps in Texas). "Even U.S. presidents galore had mistresses" (Bill Clinton, crypto-Shi`i?). And since "the craze about sex today is through the roof" (hard to argue there), mut`ah is not just man-made but "a divine plan," for "when non-Muslim men learn that they can honorably have more women," they "will flock to Shi`ah Islam. Sorry for the expression but Allah made women the bait" (feel free to insert fishing pole jokes here). The cumulative effects will then mount (both statistically and, one would presume, literally), for "when so many non-Muslim men come to Shi`ah Islam this will cause non-Muslim women to come to Shi`ah Islam too because an honorable and equitable polygynous mut`ah is better than being unmarried or just having flings with bad men, right?" Bottom-line: "This will cause a chain reaction of conversion to Islam from all corners. Even Sunnis will come to Shi`ah Islam because they want women." In conclusion, this future editor of the Muslim Maxim pleads, "please do not hate mut`ah anymore. There is a reason for it. It is the secret weapon of the last days to bring the world to Shi`ah Islam."