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Consumer Product Safety Commission Banning ... Toy Magnets?

He said the company has worked closely with the CPSC, doing everything it has been asked. According to Frank, two years ago the company received new labeling requirements: prior to the change in policy, the labels said 13 and up, as 13 year olds were not considered children under CPSC's regulations:

When they changed the regulations we did a voluntary recall and put out new warning labels.

CPSC later asked the company to create a safety video, which it did. Then came the request:

They asked us to take them off the shelf and we said "no way," Frank said.

In the release, Zucker agreed:

The CPSC’s action is unfair and unjustified. We are proud of the company we have built, the product itself, our safety program and our safety messaging, including our website, www.magnetsafety.com, our warnings -- five in total -- on the packaging and instructions, and in stores that sell our products. Our products are marketed to those 14 and above and out of over half a billion high-powered magnets we’ve sold, CPSC has received reports of less than 24 cases of misuse of our products.

Maxfield is taking their case to consumers via social networking, launching a video and a viral marketing campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms:

“It is hard to understand why CPSC is trying to pry our balls from the hands of adult users, effectively putting us out of business," Zucker said. "We have launched this video in the hope that consumers will speak up and tell the CPSC that these adult-marketed, adult-focused products, when used correctly are perfectly safe.”

The video is available for viewing at www.SaveOurBalls.net, as well as on the company’s website, www.getbuckyballs.com. In addition, the company is encouraging customers and fans to contact the Chairwoman of the CPSC, Inez Tenenbaum, directly with their concerns at [email protected] or 301-504-7900.

PJ Media attempted to contact Tenenbaum without success Friday.