Conservatives: Treat a Foe like a Foe

For once, tidings are glorious. Even those with cautious dispositions recognize that the Republican Party has an excellent chance of reclaiming leadership in the House of Representatives in a few days time. While in the Senate, a major GOP advance is likely even if it falls short of making Mitch McConnell majority leader. Democrats cling to isolated polls suggesting otherwise, but their actions speak louder than spin. Pseudo-liberal luminaries now venture into previously “safe” blue states in the hopes of cauterizing the extensive bleeding that November 2 will produce. Should present trends continue, the neo-socialist advance on our personal freedoms and prosperity will come to an abrupt halt in January.

We must be vigilant though. Underestimating the Democrats and their capacity for duplicity is fatal. Hopefully, on Election Day, ACORN and the rest of the left’s professional scammers will be either drunk or incarcerated. This would decrease the likelihood of their producing ballots out of dense air as they did with Al Franken in 2008.

The advent of the tea parties was a great triumph for patriots, and reminded center-right politicians that we will not stand for acquiescence to the RINO temptation. More encouraging is that so many independents joined in protest over the Leviathan-on-PCP that the federocracy has become.

It is essential that conservatives maximize present opportunities. We must roll back the beast. Our representatives should labor tirelessly to hack excess weeds and foliage from government budgets.

A fine start would be spinning off NPR and PBS to the private sector which then should be followed by unburdening taxpayers of the U.S. Postal Service and Amtrak. Of course, there is no end to the type of cuts we could make to the federal budget.

Obviously, President Obama will battle the new Congress vigorously. He will veto whatever productive changes are passed. That is to be expected. Yet forcing the president and his Democratic supporters to clarify where they stand will be crucial if the GOP is going to recapture the White House in 2012.

Thus far, President Obama has lied since the moment he was inaugurated. The sheer magnitude of his prevaricating staggers. He is not “an ardent believer in the free market.” Moreover, conservatives with high blood pressure are advised not to revisit his boast that ObamaCare (a new entitlement program!) will be budget neutral.

So let the Democrats become “the party of no.” Our representatives in the House should initiate measures that force the left to be responsible for the toxic morass that is our government’s unfunded liabilities.

Those who can’t do … blame and that is all the Democrats appear capable of. The right wants to save America from disaster while the left exacerbates existing conditions. Instead of facing a problem -- we’re broke! -- they prefer castigating George W. Bush.

Granted, parrying the Democrats and their spinsters in the media will not be easy. Yes, there will be blood (in the figurative sense). However, Republicans must not waste an opportunity to reverse unbridled statism. Win or lose, our champions must shoot the puck on goal.

Thanks to the tea parties, many of our nominees are incredibly promising. Listening to the likes of Joe Miller, Marco Rubio, Sharron Angle, and Rand Paul bring to mind old black-and-white clips of Ronald Reagan.

Conservatives remain wary though. Many of those who abandoned the GOP after the Grand Old Spending party still eschew what they consider a tarnished brand. It’s hard to know whether these folks will “come home” on Election Day.

A trepidation some have is that our great right hopes -- upon ensconcing themselves in Washington, D.C. -- will “smell the marble” and become the RINOs that we hoped our votes would purge. Of the aforementioned politicians this writer has no doubts, but, as Jeff Perren previously noted at PJM, past betrayals make everyone skeptical.

Celebrating Republicans who refuse to “cross the aisle” is ideal as conservatives are currently over-served in the mercenary department. We need more men and women of true conviction and principle. A belief in the inviolability of the U.S. Constitution is mandatory.