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Conservatives Should Give PC-Pushing Liberals a Taste of Their Own Medicine

And, as distasteful as Reid’s comments were, the remarks that Halperin and Heilemann attribute to former President Bill Clinton are much worse. Clinton was apparently baffled by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s decision to endorse Obama over Hillary Clinton because, as he told Teddy, “a few years ago, this guy would have been bringing us coffee.”

Talk about trying to put someone in his place -- only to wind up looking like an arrogant jerk. That’s our Bill. In fact, it’s a shame that Clinton’s comments haven’t gotten more attention, perhaps because so much attention as been focused on Reid. In any case, it’s hard to not see Clinton’s remarks as another example of racism and condescension from a white liberal who had never before seen the likes of Barack Obama, and didn’t do a very good job of making the adjustment.

And Bill Clinton was just one of the Hillary supporters who behaved badly in trying to stop Obama. Billy Shaheen, co-chairman of Hillary's New Hampshire campaign, suggested that Obama would founder as the Democratic presidential nominee because Republicans would claim that he sold drugs. Former Democratic vice presidential nominee and Hillary booster Geraldine Ferraro suggested that “the only reason” that Obama had gotten as far as he had in life was because he was black. And let’s not forget New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, another Hillary supporter, who said after Obama's loss in New Hampshire that the defeat proved that, in a small state that values retail politics, one can’t just "shuck and jive" one's way to victory.

So, you see, the new revelations about Harry Reid and Bill Clinton aren’t really new at all. Conservatives have plenty of material to work with if they want to give PC-pushing liberals a taste of their own medicine.

They should. And so it's been frustrating to watch how resistant some conservatives are to even say the word “racist” in criticizing Reid or Clinton. They think they’re taking the high ground and staking out some principled position against political correctness and racial hypersensitivity. They think they’re striking a blow against what they see as the “racial McCarthyism” that the left uses to cast aspersions and ruin reputations. And, in that regard, they think they’re defending truth.

They’re not. They’re just throwing in the towel and neglecting their responsibility to call out self-righteous liberals for who they really are. There’s no truth in that.