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Conservative Song Gaining Popularity


“Keep The Change” is a catchy little Country Rock tune penned by Rayburn, a band hailing from Little Rock, Ark. Recorded at Ocean Way studios in Nashville, Tenn. by Grammy award-winning engineer Ben Fowler (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rascal Flatts, Hank Williams Jr.), “Keep The Change” is an up-tempo number that perfectly captures the current mood in a moment of our country’s history where change is on everyone’s mind.

This tune punches and tickles at the same time, using upbeat rhythms that drive the song forward while lyrically exploring some very pointed views on the powers that be. With a thought-provoking lyrical take on a certain well-known political slogan, the song contains no objectionable language.

“Keep The Change” gets straight to the point, making use of upbeat rhythms and a catchy hook to drive home its message. The song is available for download for free here. It is also available for download on iTunes.


Keep The Change Lyrics


You got your fingers in everybody’s pocket, and you won’t take responsibility,

You’re dangerous spending all that money, taking away our children’s destiny,

You call your own shots breaking every law, burning down what our fathers built,

You’re a rock star savior to the masses,

A wolf in sheep’s clothing got the world in dark sunglasses,

Your power and your glory paid for by lies and deceit,

Sit high on your throne, it won’t last long, tell me how’s that view staring down at me,


Keep the change – your change is too strange,

Keep the change – your change is deranged,


You don’t get it, division means derision of everything that we hold dear,

We’ve got the answer – answer to your cancer, gonna make it disappear,

The words from your mouth are slick and too proud,

Moving forward ain’t a merry go round – round and round,


Keep the change – your change is too strange,

I said keep the change – your change is deranged,


Take from who’s got and give to who’s not, And take a little more,

we’ll all be poor – poor for sure,


Keep the change – your change is too strange,

I said keep the change – your change is deranged,

Keep the change...keep the change.



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