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Conservative Blog Hacked for Posting Top-Secret, Racist #BlackBrunch Protest Manual


As of 7 p.m. ET tonight, if you try to reach the venerable conservative blog WeaselZippers.us, you'll get a 521 error message, telling you the site's server is down.

According to TheRightScoop, the blog was hacked after it posted the Alinskyesque how-to manual distributed by those #BlackBrunch protesters who've been pestering white people (and only white people) in restaurants this week.

According to the documents themselves, only African-Americans are allowed to read them.

As TheRightScoop puts it:

 So in other words, no white eyeballs are supposed to look at this page or your face will melt like at the end of Indiana Jones!!

TheRightScoop has posted excerpts from the document, just like WeaselZippers did.

Here is one page. You can read the rest here. (At lease, for now...)