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Conservatism 2.0 Conference at CPAC Needs Your Input

On Thursday, February 26, and Saturday, February 28, PJTV will sponsor the "Conservatism 2.0 Conference" at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in Washington, D.C., at the Omni-Shoreham Hotel.

The theme of Conservatism 2.0 will be "The Quest for Common Ground" where it is hoped conservatives of all stripes will be able to come together and agree on a wide variety of issues. At this critical juncture in our nation's history, it is vital that conservatives seek ways to put aside whatever differences we may have and unite in support of conservative principles.

To that end, please follow this link to a webpage that lists issues that will be discussed. They are broken down into general headings:

  • General Principles
  • Financial, Economy
  • Government and Congress
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Social Issues
  • Other Issues


What are the common ground issue among conservative and center-right people?