Congressman: No Border Wall Because Rio Grande 'Unites' U.S. and Mexico

In a keynote speech at the conference, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) explained his support for the trade agreement that passed the Senate but was blocked by House Democrats.

“As a whole, this is something that we must do. People from my political party find ourselves in the strange position of agreeing with President Obama 100 percent on this and indeed some of the criticism for Republicans has been, ‘why would you want to give the president more authority?’ Well, it’s because we agree with him on this point,” he said.

“We can disagree on others and I hope we can actually conceive of those two concepts at the same time in our brains – that we can agree on some things and disagree on others and work on the things we agree on.”

Cornyn, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he is “all in when it comes to trade” after NAFTA and observing the benefits for Texas.

“I still remember when Ross Perot was talking about the giant sucking sound that would become NAFTA and I haven’t seen it. I’ve just seen a net benefit to my state and to the country and to both of our United States and Mexico,” he said.