Congressional Democrats: 'Climate Change' May Turn Otherwise Good Women Into Whores

Climate change, is there nothing it can't do?

Rep. Barbara Lee is, however, very concerned with the fate of our Mother Earth in these days of intense fossil fuel consumption, and alongside nine other House Democrats, has brought forth a bill acknowledging that, when humans finally turn their home planet into an inhospitable barren wasteland and leave our species with nothing to survive on except sand and armadillos, women will be hardest hit. In fact, the disproportionate effects of Earth’s swift decline are already taking such a toll on the fairer sex that we’re all just turning to prostitution to keep our heads above the rapidly disappearing fresh water.

Well, in the Obama economy there more than half a million women out of jobs who had jobs a few years ago and the bills still gots to be paid. If there's a rise in numbers in the world's oldest profession, there's the Obama economy to blame rather than the hoax of global warming.

It says a lot that ten Democrats got together, planned an event along with their staffs, and came up with this. Not a one took a second to think, "You know, this is pretty stupid. Maybe we shouldn't go public with this. Maybe we should just take another few days to think about whether we really want to look like idiots or not."