Congrats, New Media: Journalism Is Back

The story is not the photos. The story is the journalism -- It's back. And the MSM is finished.

As Weinergate broke and gained traction, a large majority of the MSM and leftist media stuck their heads in the sand. Joan Walsh of savaged those who attempted to make this a story. On MSNBC, she seemed furious at Chris Matthews who -- to his credit -- would not let Walsh tie the reporting of Weinergate to the case involving Breitbart and Shirley Sherrod.

Others decided this is not a news story -- it bores them. Former Clinton administration big-shot Paul Begala quipped to Anderson Cooper while pretending to yawn: "Wake me when we have a real sex scandal."

As of this writing, Joan Walsh and the team at Salon have written numerous pieces about the press conference and Breitbart ... and are still emphasizing the arcane message that Breitbart can't be trusted. Alex Pareene states:

Andrew: You will get no apology from us -- or from me at least! -- because sometimes even complete frauds get lucky. I don't apologize to Glenn Beck the twice a year he's right about something, either.

At the Huffington Post, New York editor-at-large Dan Collins talked about Nancy Pelosi's displeasure with Weiner, but mentioned nothing about Weiner's lying. Collins made sure to note:

No, it's not the cover-up. It's Weiner's idiotic behavior.

Yes, Dan Collins, it is the cover-up, and not from Weiner but from a complicit MSM that refuses to engage in journalism. "Weinergate" is simply the latest example of how the MSM is failing us, and how New Media has filled the vacuum. Take a look at the entire Breitbart organization: they brought us James O'Keefe, who exposed ACORN and exposed NPR's willingness to take money from a Muslim Brotherhood front group -- while badmouthing the Tea Party. (The scandal forced the resignation of CEO Vivian Schiller, who was then promptly employed by NBC!) It was Breitbart who taught us all about the Pigford settlement, the corruption of the system by takers and hucksters, and the plight of real black farmers who were left in the cold, sold out for the "reparations" of others.

I am proudly affiliated with New Media force PJM (I write for PJM, and I host a show on PJTV): here, J. Christian Adams showed us how the New Black Panther case was tossed by the DOJ -- a case whose handling was so repulsive that Adams resigned and turned whistleblower because of it. Patrick Poole's investigative reporting led Rep. Peter King (R-NY) to launch an investigation into Attorney General Eric Holder's handling of terrorism persecution.

And it was Pajamas Media and contributor Farid Ghadry providing the inside account of the real story -- and horrific bloodshed -- in Syria.