'Communist for Kerry' Now GOP Congressional Candidate

We celebrated Bush's victory together. Then we moved on, but remained friends. The Communists For Kerry website was turned into the "Museum of Failed Revolution." I started a sequel site named after the all red Rubik's cube we used to show in Union Square -- ThePeoplesCube.com.

Jason and I stayed in touch for a few more months until he moved back to his Florida hometown. His wife Stephanie was expecting a baby, and Jason said that conservative Florida was a better place for raising children than New York. Who could argue with that?

This month, Bryan called me with the news: Jason is running for Congress in Florida. A few days later, Gene emailed me a link to a Tampa Bay Online article that described Jason as a former Protest Warrior, comparing his masquerade to the one that happened in 1773 in Boston, when some locals got dressed up as Mohawk Indians and staged the original Tea Party. I loved that analogy.*

But, according to the same great column by Tom Jackson, local Republican leaders are not happy with Jason's past. Said the head of the Hernando County GOP, Blaise Ingoglia:

Jason Sager claims this was supposed to be satirical (but) I can't see how dressing up as a communist revolutionary, who murdered hundreds of people, is funny in any way, shape or form.

If only the GOP leaders had as much scorn for actual leftists as they have for conservative activists, we wouldn't be worrying today about the country going to the dogs. What would their liberal opponents do in a similar situation? To know the answer, take a quick look at the evening lineup on Comedy Central. Or visualize Al Franken.

The liberal establishment eventually rewarded Billionaires For Bush with their own Broadway show, which was lavishly advertised if poorly attended. What did Communists For Kerry get besides moral satisfaction and great memories? Snobbish scorn.

Back to Tampa Bay Online: the alarm/spin seems to be that if Sager prevailed in his primary showdown with his moderate Republican opponent, Democrats would reap a political windfall by wallpapering the district with the now-famous photo of Sager in Che costume, needlessly converting a solid Republican district into a competitive race.

Well, writing this account of Jason's story is one way to make sure that doesn't happen. But most importantly, doesn't it sound a little bit elitist to suggest that their constituents can't tell Che from Shinola? That the "commoners" won't be able to figure out what's really going on? Come to think of it, it does sound elitist.

I'd even say it sounds a lot like "liberal ruling class" elitist.

I have only this to say to the GOP establishment: show us that you yourselves can stand up to frenzied leftist radicals while massively outnumbered, expose their absurdities, challenge their icons, unflinchingly defend the Constitution and stay cool while doing so, without apologizing or surrendering your moral high ground because you are confident in the moral superiority of your cause.

If you had that in you, you wouldn't be in the minority right now, would you? You wouldn't continue on a path of shameful compromises, which makes you an accessory to the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the American way of life by leftist demagogues.

If anyone can stand his ground like a Spartan against the charging hordes of Washington radicals, it's Jason Sager.

As for Billionaires For Bush, they have remodeled themselves as "Billionaires for Wealthcare" and are now using the same agitprop clichés to dehumanize opponents of ObamaCare. I stumbled upon them last September in Washington, D.C., on the outskirts of the 9-12 Tea Party rally. They stood over a ditch, dressed in tuxedos and evening dresses, playing for the cameras and using the Tea Party "commoners" as a backdrop. They always do what they know best. How hard can it be, really, for elitist snobs to pretend being elitist snobs?


* Not to impugn Tom Jackson's informative and insightful article, I must clarify one thing for the record. It is true that some of us were members of Protest Warriors, and this is how we met. Yet Communists For Kerry was an independent operation, equipped and financed out of our own pockets. Like everyone else, Jason contributed to it a few hundred dollars from his family budget, which he never recovered.