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'Common Sense Gun Laws': Obama's Attack on the Second Amendment

Lest we fall prey to believing this really is "common sense," consider the following: In order for this to work, every gun will have to be registered; otherwise, when law enforcement officials find "fingerprints" on bullet casings at a crime scene they'll never know who owned the gun. Moreover, many gun-owning Californians have already assumed that guns made prior to the "micro-stamping" law will be outlawed in the state once the law goes into effect. This seems logical if the goal is to create a gun registry full of traceable "fingerprints" on bullet-casings.

Another way Obama can use the "common sense gun laws" approach to cripple the Second Amendment is to allow his understudies, like Holder, Emmanuel, or any other Democrat, to do his dirty work. This way, he can continue to claim support for the Constitution while simultaneously waging war against it via his surrogates. The president is actually using this approach as I type. On January 14,  Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush introduced H.R. 45, known as the "Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009." Should this act pass, it "will make it illegal to possess ... any firearm that takes an ammunition clip, without a [federal gun-owner's] license." According to WorldNetDaily.com's Drew Zahn, H.R. 45 would also order Attorney General Holder, "to establish a database of every handgun sale, transfer, and owner's address in America."

Have you noticed that Obama's "common sense gun laws" all seem to end in the same way -- with the registration of guns and gun owners, as well as an increased number of steps law-abiding citizens must go through to purchase a firearm? It's just the same old gun-grabbing song and dance, which is why Zahn points out that, "H.R. 45 is a resurfacing of 2007's H.R. 2666, which contained much of the same language and was co-sponsored by 15 other representatives and Barack Obama's current chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel."

As Bill Clinton's deputy attorney general in 1999,  Holder described the outlawing of private gun sales as "common sense." But we recognized the threat, cried foul, and persuaded Congress to ignore Holder's pleas. Now that  Holder, Obama, and Emmanuel are working in unison today, can we do any less?

There is nothing commonsensical about Obama's "common sense gun laws" approach. At best, it is a smoke and mirrors ploy to make it harder to purchase firearms. At worst, it's an outright ending of the Second Amendment agenda. We cannot afford to sit idly by to discover which is the case.