'Common Sense Gun Laws' Make a Comeback After Tucson Shooting

I wonder if Bloomberg, Comitta, and the rest of MAIG have ever really asked themselves this hard question: How many more regulations can be placed upon guns? The idea that they’re not already hyper-regulated is laughable to anyone who has ever tried to buy a handgun in a state in which they aren’t a resident, or walked into the gun store three blocks from home and tried to buy one, or driven across certain state lines with one in the car.

For example, it’s illegal to make a new handgun purchase in any state other than the one in which you’re a resident, unless you purchase it over the internet, have it shipped to a firearms dealer in your state, then go through a background check with that dealer and pay a processing fee for his involvement. And if you walk into a gun store in your town or city, federal regulations require that you go through an “instant background check" that can take up to three government business days. (Only in federal government lingo can three government business days equal “instant.”)

And when driving, many states have extensive regulations they’ve placed upon guns over and above what the federal government has put in place. Thus, if you drive from a gun friendly state like Missouri, where you can keep a loaded handgun in your car for protection, into a state like Obama's old stomping ground, Illinois, you’ve got to pull over, unload the gun, take it apart, and store it in a locked container away from the ammunition while you’re in that state.

What additional regulation would Bloomberg and Comitta place here? Should gun owners be required to store each part of the gun in a separate container while driving through states like Illinois? Is that the missing regulation that will lead to peace on earth and good will among men?

What is really common sense about this issue is the fact that criminals will be criminals, no matter how burdensome the regulations become on law-abiding citizens. Thus, more “common sense gun laws” will only mean fewer law abiding citizens keeping and bearing arms, which in turn, will make the road for the next Loughner a little bit easier to tread.