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Commander in Chief Fails Military Voters, Again

In addition, the Obama administration’s Department of Defense Federal Voting Assistance Program’s priorities are not in order and are dysfunctional. An inspector general’s report indicated that many military voting assistance offices were not available. Under public pressure, Defense Secretary Panetta requested a review of the offices, but more than a week has passed after the review reached Panetta’s desk and nothing has changed.

When does Obama actually file a lawsuit? Obama for America along with the Democrat Party took legal action to oppose the efforts to have extended hours for military voters’ ballots to count in Ohio. And this action was taken with extreme urgency to make sure it was applicable in the 2012 election for the critical Buckeye State.

Obama is the president of the entire United States and all its citizens. Holder is chief law enforcement officer at the United States Department of Justice. Their adherence to and protection of constitutional rights should not be limited to those states where polls indicate Obama will win on Election Day. The commander in chief and attorney general should defend the voting rights of all Americans, no matter for whom they cast a ballot.

When a servicemember is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his country, his commander and general must protect his most basic constitutional right -- the right to vote. If not, self-interested leaders stationed in Washington, D.C., must be relieved of their duties.


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