Comedy Central's Bush-Bashing DVD Is Short on Laughs

Come January, few media outlets will miss President George W. Bush more than Comedy Central. Sure, former President Bill Clinton's sexual hijinks launched a thousand punch lines, but Bush's malapropisms and Texas twang were met with glee by the comedy community.

And that was before inspectors failed to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, or Bush became the ACLU's public enemy number one.

So why isn't Comedy Central's new DVD compilation of Bush-bashing bits funnier?

Comedy Central Salutes George W. Bush, which hits the shelves today, packages a series of Bush-related original programs together on one disk. The channel would have been better off cobbling together a greatest hits montage from The Daily Show. Jon Stewart is a far cry from fair and balanced, but his comedic batting average is a hundred points higher than the material gathered here.

But audiences may have to take what they can get. Should Sen. Barack Obama get elected, we could be in for four years of hands-off humor. A recent study says late-night comics tell seven times as many GOP-related jokes as Democratic ones. So if the Democrats retake the White House next month, stand-ups will be rediscovering airline food humor. And nobody wants that.

The naughty boys of South Park kick off the disk. Someone inappropriately relieved himself in the boy's room urinal, and the mystery gets intertwined with Cartman's 9/11 conspiracy theory.

"I can't base my logic on proof," the tubby pre-teen says before pinning the terrorist attacks on his school chum Kyle.

President Bush eventually shows up to claim credit for the 9/11 attacks, explaining all the intricate subterfuge required to pull it off. The episode doesn't mock Bush as much as it shreds the 9/11 conspiracy movement, a worthy target and one that's good for a few chuckles.