Colorado Opts To Give Voter Fraud A Chance

Yeah, I'm going the "inflammatory headline" route.

Both houses of the Colorado legislature passed a major overhaul of state election law that would implement same-day registration and voting, automatically send mail-in ballots to every voter, and create a real-time statewide voter database to prevent fraud. Proponents view the bill, written by a bipartisan group of county clerks, as a national model for other states.

This was posted at Think Progress so it was written as if this news were a good thing. That's probably because the phrase "create a database" seems to be all Progressives need to think legislation is worthwhile.

Quite simply, everything they want to make voting easier (and ostensibly improve turnout) also makes fraud easier. The real time database sounds just peachy if it works perfectly, has no security glitches and doesn't get hit with any weather related power outages in some precincts. By the way, it snows about ten months out of the year in Colorado.

Same day registration may be a procrastinator's delight but imagine where it will end up with the crowd who already screams "RACISM!" at the thought of showing ID to vote. Soon enough, it will be "RACIST!" to demand any kind of identification to register.

Mail-in ballots for all? A third grader could identify the potential security holes there. A slow third grader.

Make no mistake: the end game is an unmanageable election free-for-all that's ripe for fraud and legislatively mandated and that any subsequent efforts to shore up will be framed as a "stripping away of rights".

And they're getting away with it.