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College Dream About to Get Easier ... for Illegals

This time, the DREAM Act is being paired with a regulation which would allow illegals who serve in the military certain allowances. This attempt is nothing more than President Obama’s last chance to make good on promises made to illegals and the Latino community before the House leaves his control. (Politico has declared the attempt a “down payment” on other promises regarding immigration reform.)

The midterm election results showed just how important the youth vote was in getting Obama elected in 2008. Now with the economic picture so dire, many such as myself are looking for more education to give us a chance to find work. In-state tuition prices would assist the economic burden of such a decision -- but the Democrats aren't interested in helping the youth who did so much to help them, just the youth who don't now and likely never will pay taxes.

Hopefully this action will be remembered in 2012.