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Coates Exposes Intellectual Bankruptcy of MSM, Obama Admin. Defenders

Partisan Spin from Michael Yaki

At the hearing, Commissioner Michael Yaki tediously sniped at the contents of an email I sent in December 2008 to a person who managed the eyewitnesses in Philadelphia. My email discussed the need to obtain a “narrative” as soon as possible.

What Yaki doesn’t mention is that the “narrative” I sought was, literally, a narrative: a written statement from a witness in the conventional sense, not the PR definition of “narrative.” We knew there was an African-American witness inside the polls who might testify about a tiny part of the case, over and above what we already had as evidence.

I was trying to figure out who the person was. A narrative timeline naming everyone involved would allow us to focus our investigation. It’s called being thorough.

But Michael Yaki, clearly rattled by the bombshell testimony of Coates, used the email to paint a disingenuous portrait of an incomplete and rushed investigation. His portrait represented more intellectual bankruptcy from defenders of the racialist policies of the DOJ.

DOJ Spokesperson Tracy Schmaler

Tracy Schmaler, the DOJ press spokesperson with the assignment of defending the indefensible, has become unhinged.

I have spoken with numerous media sources who say that she acts unprofessionally. She explodes, yelling when discussing the scandal. Another individual with personal contact with Schmaler reports she becomes irrationally agitated when the New Black Panther scandal is brought up, even in casual conversation.

Schmaler has done what none of her predecessors have ever dared do -- criticize and run down the institution of the DOJ.

People are paying attention. Former officials have told me that Schmaler’s criticism of the Bush Justice Department as being politicized and corrupt has crossed a line nobody ever crosses: criticizing her client. She represents the same client that Mark Corallo, for instance, represented when he served as the spokesman at DOJ in the Bush administration -- Corrallo would never have attacked decisions made during the Clinton administration.

Let the DNC or White House be the attack dog -- Schmaler’s job is to represent the DOJ, not a political agenda.

Schmaler also attacked the United States Commission on Civil Rights. Eric Holder should teach her some manners, respect for the institution she represents, and the importance of not misleading reporters.


None of the water-carriers for Holder discuss the facts as laid out by Coates.

There was no mention of Loretta King’s corrupt command not to ask interview questions of attorney applicants if they can enforce the law fairly. Nobody discussed the bombshell that instructions were given that racially equal enforcement of the law was not allowed. Apologists are still futilely advancing the spin we’ve heard for months -- but after Christopher Coates, nobody is paying attention to it anymore.

These intellectually bankrupt tactics overlook the central question in the controversy -- does it violate federal law to block the entrance to a poll while brandishing a weapon and shouting racial slurs?

After the testimony of Christopher Coates, the answer is "yes" to nearly every American.