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Coates Exposes Intellectual Bankruptcy of MSM, Obama Admin. Defenders

Says Jacoby:

Let's not forget that the Civil Rights Division exists because of racial discrimination against blacks.

OK, we haven’t forgotten. But what would you have us do with that?

Are we to put a thumb on the scale for a black defendant like New Black Panther Jerry Jackson when he breaks the law? Should we allow evidence of the heroism of Rosa Parks and Medgar Evers to excuse the armed thug King Samir Shabazz?

It is refreshing, actually, to see someone who has so steadfastly defended the DOJ at last reveal what we knew all along. Up until the devastating testimony of Coates, it was all about the political views of the attorneys on the case, George Bush, and how career people alone made the decision. Now, they confess the truth: they believe the law should not be used to protect whites.

You would think Jacoby might feel betrayed by the Justice officials who lied to her about who ordered the dismissal, but that is not the case. Over and over, the dismissal was characterized by Justice officials as a mere dispute between lowly civil servants, until Judicial Watch blew that lie up with the release of DOJ documents last week showing the number two and number three officials in Justice were involved in spiking the case.

It is intellectually bankrupt for Jacoby to carry water still for someone who has been lying to her for months. It’s also embarrassing.

They claim there was no widespread “pattern” of New Black Panther voter intimidation, disingenuously adding words to the law, and also ignoring facts: the New Black Panther Party announced a nationwide deployment on Election Day.

It is intellectually bankrupt both to alter the legal standard and to ignore empirical facts.

The American Prospect

The American Prospect borrows a page from the Trotskyite playbook, figuring a personal smear is all it takes to make the story go away: “Coates Defends Brad Schlozman,” screams their headline.

Of course most people outside of a small inside-the-beltway audience are asking -- who is Brad Schlozman? What does this have to do with the New Black Panthers?

To the American Prospect, apparently everything. Schlozman was the acting assistant attorney general for Civil Rights during the Bush years. His tenure became an obsession among those now defending the Department's dismissal of the NBPP lawsuit. According to this bankrupt theory, since I was hired in 2005, and since Coates called Schlozman a friend, whether or not we told the truth no longer matters.

I am reminded of Solzhenitsyn’s observation of the mad world around him. Guilt or innocence no longer mattered in Solzhenitsyn’s world, truth and falsehood were obsolete:

The heart of the matter is not personal guilt, but social danger. One can imprison an innocent person if he is socially dangerous. And one can release a guilty man if he is socially friendly.

Never once do the intellectually bankrupt at the American Prospect contest the veracity of Coates' testimony. No mention about what Coates said about Schlozman -- namely, that accusing Schlozman of ideological hiring is high hypocrisy. Both the Clinton and Obama administrations had no standing to criticize Schlozman: it would be akin to Jersey Shore's Snooki complaining about the flamboyant dress of Lady GaGa, Coates said. The American Prospect made no mention of the hiring practices in both Democratic administrations.

No mention of those transgressions -- after all, they were committed by the “socially friendly.”