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CNN's Zucker Backs Piers Morgan's Gun Control Stance

This is so yawnworthy it's barely news: Big figure in the mainstream media backs another big figure in the mainstream media's leftist political stance. Cue the shocked look on my face. It's confirmation that CNN is exactly what you think it is.

CNN president Jeff Zucker told CNN New York staff today that he supported Piers Morgan's decision to speak in favor of gun control, sources at the network tell POLITICO.

During a town-hall meeting with staff, Zucker was asked about CNN expressing opinion, something it has traditionally tried to avoid. Zucker said he was in favor of it where it was appropriate, citing Morgan's stance on gun control as one example, sources said.

Does Zucker back Morgan getting curb stomped by Breitbart's Ben Shapiro too? I'd back seeing that happen again.

Also, does Zucker back Morgan chuckling along when his guest propose murdering people with whom they disagree?